So I am not immune to the succulent craze, and I have of course purchased too many succulents and tried to propagate all of them with varying success. It would probably go a lot faster if I didn’t live in a northern climate which boasts about 6 months of winter weather, despite the myth of 3 month long seasons. It’s 4.20. and there is still snow on the ground. Playing with plants is pretty much the only thing that gets me through winter, especially in years when I can’t afford to fly south.

The lovely circular way that many of these species grow seems so exotic in comparison to the impudently wild flora the grows here. They are so neat and tidy somehow, unlike everything else in my house.

I remember the first time I saw succulents; they were growing in a ditch in Southern California, like weeds. They were so plump and fake looking and awesome.

Propagating these suckers is pretty easy but takes a while, so I like to consistently add new leaves to sit and make me a new baby plant. They are nice to have around to make little gifts or plant tiny terrariums or just to watch something grow.

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