Every time I take my dog into the forest I bring bags to collect bits of moss and bark that I find on the forest floor. There are so many different types; it’s become a bit of an obsession. I have always loved moss and lichen, it reminds me of storybooks and enchanted forests.

I mostly use it for fairy houses, but I’m sure in the future I’ll find some other silly use for all this forest litter. I feel like rather than hanging paintings in my house, I’d prefer to have a giant blown up photo of forest mosses.

fairy houses_84

I’ve had some pretty impressive wipe-outs, falling in snowy ravines or sinking down into deeper-than-it-seems snow, but it’s always worth it to grab that little bit of Staghorn lichen hanging off a dead hemlock branch.

For projects you can always pick up moss at the dollar store or other craft stores, but if you happen to have a forest in your immediate vicinity its waaaaay more fun to go foraging for it, and it is so much prettier too!